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Here at iXsystems, our coworkers occasionally bring their doggy companions in for a visit at work. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet most of them. More than pets, these furry canines provide invaluable moral support and are the best secret keepers in the office.


Our head honcho, top dog, and ruler of the lounge area, this Miniature Pinscher means serious business. He usually comes into the office accompanied by Matt Olander, but we all know who’s the alpha and who’s the beta in this partnership. 😉

Prada goes bonkers over the medicine balls we have in the office.


Next is Josh Paetzel’s loyal black Lab who goes by Jack. He came in once to frolic with other doggy peers. And by frolicking, I mean he laid in the middle of the room while the two miniature pinschers ran circles around him. haha

That deep, soulful gaze melts our hearts~


He’s a regular attendee at our trade show and out-of-office events. Buddy and his owner Denise Ebery always pull attention to our booth table, so he’s definitely an expert within our marketing department.

Buddy’s always curious and active, here he’s manning (or is it “dogging”) a table at a trade show.


Our latest addition to the iXsystems family is a Great Dane mix. Chris Williams adopted him from an animal shelter, and he’s quite the gentle giant.

Our unofficial canine mascot, complete with our labcoat and daemon horns. lol


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In the process of interviewing and chatting with all of our iXsystems developers, I recently discovered the existence of one who goes by the name of Chauncey Phillipson. Not much is known about him. He works off-site and almost never comes into the office, so why does his name keep popping up within our tightly-knit group of coworkers?

A reliable in-house source disclosed a very revealing anecdote about Chauncey:

“Well, Chauncey was a man who wore many hats at iXsystems. He worked in almost any department we needed him to: HR, Marketing, Sales, Facilities, Accounting; you name it, Chauncey worked there at one time or another.  Due to this, he was extremely difficult to get a hold of…elusive, even. In fact, you could sort of say that he was always there but never around.  People spent a lot of time talking to his voicemail and awaiting his return calls. He was in high demand.

He was an extremely friendly and polite person who took all of the work in stride, without complaint.  In fact, I think that’s what eventually broke him at iXsystems. You see, his true passion was fashion design…for hamsters and other small fauna. But, his job at iX was so demanding that he had no time to pursue his dreams. I think the pressure finally got to him, and one day he just up and vanished, never to be heard from again.

Despite all that, Chauncey was a joy when he was around.  He had a sweet, soothingly effeminate voice that was such a delight to hear whenever his answering machine would play his kindly recorded message. In fact, his voice was downright infectious.  We’d all lovingly imitate his lispy southern drawl around the office to make up for his absence.”

Some say he went to Thailand for an extended vacation. Others claim he attended a tradeshow in Europe. Here at iX, we would periodically receive postcards, signed “xoxo CP”, as shown below:

The marketing team pooled our resources and conducted extensive research. After much debate, I managed to narrow down his possible whereabouts to thirteen locations as shown below:

Perhaps we will never see Chauncey again. Or maybe one day he will show up at iXsystems unannounced. We will never know.

But according to a famous iXsystems urban myth, from time to time, you can hear Chauncey’s voice echoing through the company’s hallways at night when MattO talks in his sleep….

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Last night’s BAFUG had so many people! We had a record attendance, 28 people congregating in our humble iXsystems lounge. We had a bunch of iX team members too: Josh, James, Denise, Garrett, Peter, Annie, Ben, Val, and myself.

Ben posing with the signs we posted all over to help attendees find their way.

Be our guest, be our guest! Put the pizza to the test! haha

Pizza was ordered, drinks passed around. Conversation ranged from FreeNAS to SVLUG (Silicon Valley Linux Users Group) meetings. One topic that I thought was interesting was the announcement about Amazon EC2 and FreeBSD. It’s been known that a FreeBSD developer has fixed a bug in order for FreeBSD to boot on all Amazon EC2 instances (check out his notes: here). However, it’s not until recently that people have started taking advantage of it.

For those who aren’t familiar with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud  (like myself), it’s Amazon.com’s cloud computing platform. It provides users with flexibility and control over their virtual machines and servers. It is supported on many different operating systems ( including FreeBSD!), allows for “elastic” changes of capacity by allowing users to create and turn off servers at their discretion, and gives users root access to all the virtual machines so they can interact freely. For more info, visit Amazon ECs’s site.

More pictures of the BAFUG meeting can be found on the iXsystems Facebook and Google+.

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Happy Birthday to both Annie and Jeff!

Ice cream bars were passed around the front office in commemorative spirit. Valerie also got them individual cupcakes. It was really cute! Too bad we didn’t get to sing… we save our beautiful voices for our customers. ;D

Annie's cupcake with a small bunny. 😀

Jeff with his Transformers cupcake. Too bad Val didn't switch them... haha.

An interesting conversation with a coworker about one of our daily marketing experiences:
– “likes” post on iX Facebook wall
– sees notification on iX Facebook
– gets excited
– it’s for our own “like” on the post
– d’oh

We need more love on our social media! haha

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