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Last night’s BAFUG had so many people! We had a record attendance, 28 people congregating in our humble iXsystems lounge. We had a bunch of iX team members too: Josh, James, Denise, Garrett, Peter, Annie, Ben, Val, and myself.

Ben posing with the signs we posted all over to help attendees find their way.

Be our guest, be our guest! Put the pizza to the test! haha

Pizza was ordered, drinks passed around. Conversation ranged from FreeNAS to SVLUG (Silicon Valley Linux Users Group) meetings. One topic that I thought was interesting was the announcement about Amazon EC2 and FreeBSD. It’s been known that a FreeBSD developer has fixed a bug in order for FreeBSD to boot on all Amazon EC2 instances (check out his notes: here). However, it’s not until recently that people have started taking advantage of it.

For those who aren’t familiar with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud  (like myself), it’s Amazon.com’s cloud computing platform. It provides users with flexibility and control over their virtual machines and servers. It is supported on many different operating systems ( including FreeBSD!), allows for “elastic” changes of capacity by allowing users to create and turn off servers at their discretion, and gives users root access to all the virtual machines so they can interact freely. For more info, visit Amazon ECs’s site.

More pictures of the BAFUG meeting can be found on the iXsystems Facebook and Google+.


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