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Here at iXsystems, our coworkers occasionally bring their doggy companions in for a visit at work. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet most of them. More than pets, these furry canines provide invaluable moral support and are the best secret keepers in the office.


Our head honcho, top dog, and ruler of the lounge area, this Miniature Pinscher means serious business. He usually comes into the office accompanied by Matt Olander, but we all know who’s the alpha and who’s the beta in this partnership. 😉

Prada goes bonkers over the medicine balls we have in the office.


Next is Josh Paetzel’s loyal black Lab who goes by Jack. He came in once to frolic with other doggy peers. And by frolicking, I mean he laid in the middle of the room while the two miniature pinschers ran circles around him. haha

That deep, soulful gaze melts our hearts~


He’s a regular attendee at our trade show and out-of-office events. Buddy and his owner Denise Ebery always pull attention to our booth table, so he’s definitely an expert within our marketing department.

Buddy’s always curious and active, here he’s manning (or is it “dogging”) a table at a trade show.


Our latest addition to the iXsystems family is a Great Dane mix. Chris Williams adopted him from an animal shelter, and he’s quite the gentle giant.

Our unofficial canine mascot, complete with our labcoat and daemon horns. lol


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